Membership Information

Together we will be working this year to achieve our 100% membership goals. This will take a joint effort from all of our Detachment membership team and your Squadron team.

Membership is the life blood of our origination.Dues money is the start up money needed for a lot of our programs. The best way to get and keep a member is to remind them of all the good things we do and how much fun we have doing them. Don't be afraid to ask if they could help on any project. Sometimes all it takes is to simply ask them to join or renew. Make sure they know how proud you are to be a member and let them know their help is truly appreciated. Let them know about the many benefits available as an S.A.L. member. You can find a copy of some of them on this web page. Please use the tools we are giving you as the new renewal slips are working well. Maybe try an early bird meal or a free membership drawing, or any idea that you think would work with your Squadron if they pay their dues right away.

Please see the Membership Target Date Schedule below. Please keep working on any members who have not gotten their 2019 dues in yet. Members can renew 2019 up until Dec. 31, 2019 and still help their Squadrons achieve 100%, but we are now focusing for 2020 membership.
  •  10% by September 11th
  •  25% by October 9th
  •  35% by November 14th
  •  45% by December 11th
  •  60% by January 15th
  •  75% by February 12th
  •  80% by March 11th
  •  90% by April 8th
  • 100% by May 13th
  • 105% by July 29th

Also, remember the Membership Cookout Challenge! 

If a member has not paid  please ask them if they need help as they may have circumstances making it tough right now. Any time you need help please feel free to call me. Thank you for working with me on the hardest thing we do.

Membership Chairman
Jeremy Revell
Sr. Vice Commander
Sons of the American Legion, Detachment of Vermont

(802) 771-7242